Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It has been a while since the last time I wrote about this sermon and promised that the lesson will continue. All is well and I thank God for this other opportunity He has given us once again to meditate on His word. Surely it is a blessing.

Today, I love to talk about the similarities and the differences of talents and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And this will be answering the second question that we had in the first session, Are they the same?

Starting exploring the similarities

  • Both talents and gifts of the Holy Spirit are intended to be used on behalf of the others. They are not to be used selfishly. God gives us the gifts and talents so that we can share and benefit from them. That is why we are given different portions but all of them are supposed to be a benefit to all of us.
  • Both grow as you use them. Using your talents or gifts is one of the ways of sharpening them. The more you use them, the better they become. So I encourage you to make use of whatever gift and whatever talent you have.

Now let us talk about the differences between the two.

  • While talents are inherited through natural birth. They come from the family tree, gifts are received from the Holy Spirit supernaturally.
  •  Talents are possessed by anybody whether saved or not but gifts of the Spirit resides in believers only.
  • Talents are developed and expected. On the other hand, gifts are matured and surprising, they are directly proportional to our relationship with God.
  • People may happen to use talents selfishly but the gifts of the Holy Spirit can not be used selfishly otherwise they will fade away. 

That is what we have for today, but more is to come. There are so many things we can learn concerning gifts and talents. But in this lesson, I will do my best and may God help me cover all the basics!

Thanks and God bless you so much!

                           to be continued...!!!


Gideon Osten Sajila Mwasabwite said...

The depth lesson comes as a gift like this i studded today through you the daughter of Christ, who the holly Spirit fulfilled your heart and controls your way. On that things you surrendered to him and you chosen to be the servant in his glory. May God bless you when you preparing the the lesson continuation.

Doreen Lifard said...

Amen! Thanks so much and God bless you!!!