Monday, March 2, 2015

...for such a time as this...

Acts 13:36 says
"For David, after he served God's will and purpose and counsel in his own generation, fell asleep [in death] and was buried among his forefathers, and he did see corruption and undergo putrefaction and dissolution [of the grave]. "AMP

Praise Jesus,

It has been a while since I posted. Actually since last year. Allow me to take this moment and wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year. May God bless you so much!

Today, I honor God for this opportunity to share with you a few things from verse 36 of the 13th chapter of the book of Acts. Here are the things that we'll take into consideration.
  1. David...
  2. ...after he had served...
  3. ...the will of God...
  4. his own generation...
  5. ...fell asleep...
Let us take a look at these five things that I've just listed...

1. David
This describes the person in this whole scenario. Most of know the story of David, from the time he was young, fought Goliath, became king and all the other things that we can read from the bible.
David was
  • Humble
  • Feared God
  • Very obedient to God
The bible summarizes all that and a lot more of what could be used to describe David by saying "He was a man after God's own heart." These helped him in the things that we are going to discuss shortly.

2. After he had served
We have discussed a bit about David. During his time he served. We are here because we have work to do. you were created fearfully and wonderfully. This is for a special reason. You have to serve. ...after he had served... this phrase informs us on the status of the service. It means, what is going to be said in a few moments, happened when David had completed his service. 

3. The will of God
The bible says that David served the will, purpose, council of God. He did not serve just anything. The bible is clear on what David served. We looked at number 2 that says after he had served... number three gives us the picture of what service David gave. He served the will of God.

4. In his own generation
David lived in his generation just like you and I are alive today because God ordained these days for us. This is your generation. You are not here forever but you are in this generation for just a while. It is such a great opportunity for God to trust us and give life to live in this generation. It is a perfect timing that God has done. This is your best time to be on the face of the earth.

5. Fell asleep
This talks about the departure of David from the face of the earth. We all know that we are not on earth to stay. At some point we are going to leave this earth. Whether male or female, rich or poor, the young and the old. None of us will be here forever. So it is important to find what we are here for and do it before we depart.

The most important thing is to make this life count, live a significant life. Do not just live your life anyhow but rather, make sure that you live your life in a way that is going to bless God. Do his assignment, the assignment that he has given specifically to you.

God bless you!