Friday, April 12, 2013


I have been interested in meeting young people who do great things especially the ones in Tanzania, whether they are famous or not so as to make their stories heard as an inspiration and encouragement to others who are still thinking of taking off to pursue their dreams in fulfilling God's purpose.

Here is a fine lady with character and talent.  She is simply, gifted! What she does really impressed me. Her name is Linda Lusajo, a second year student at the University of Dodoma.

Being in the same university, I saw her a couple of times before actually the day when I met her at one of the album inauguration concerts where she was in-charge of the decoration issues! Trust me, she is very good!!! I admired what she had done that day and we had a long conversation of what she does apart from the studying.

With her own words, here this from her

"Cooking is my heart BEAT, find your own rhythm...

To me cooking is something I have grown to love and enjoy doing and everyday that passes by, I fall in love with it even more. Well, it's as if I was born to do only this if you know what I'm saying...
It all began as I was around my 4-8 years, I had a pretty wood made doll named Katelina, little me couldn't pronounce the name so to me Katelina was "keki" and so that's how the name "mama keki" came to be. Up to this day, my close relatives and  friends tease me with that name, as for me I find it to be a blessing which was spoken upon me and finally I came through.
Starting from the age of 12 years it is when I began to seriously practice my passion, putting staff together and creating a funny meal or desert started being my hobby though I lacked some skills but through the years I have grown to be pretty good at this, as the say "practice makes perfect."
Well, with time I have developed more passion for making pastries than savory foods and so baking has been a big part of my life for sometime now. And through the years, I have made birthday cakes, I miss you, I love you, send-off, graduation, I'm sorry as well as get well soon cakes which come in different sizes, shapes and flavors of your liking.
 And so it is a pleasure to share with you all my wonderful creations and would also love to hear your ideas and suggestions."

All these were made by Linda, with the experience and the passion she has concerning cooking, specifically, baking. It is an inspiration for real and it is amazing. You can contact her, as she has said if you have any idea or suggestions. You can also press some orders... The cakes delicious!!!

Here are her contacts: 
Mobile: 0712076350
Facebook name: Linda Lusajo

Thanks for sharing my dear Linda, God bless the works of your hands. You are amazing. Keep shinning bright!!!

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Tunsume Mlawa said...

Wooooow, so nyc, congrats Linda.