Monday, January 7, 2013


It is a great thing to see another year. Maybe you have lived to see so many years come and go or you have never experienced a situation where you fill like you do not have the strength to make it one more second and you end up taking things for granted. Trust me, it is just by grace that we are able to live today, to see this year and it is NOT for no reason.

Being the 7th day of the year, it is still morning and in case you haven't planned anything yet, you need to do so. So many people think negatively, they are afraid of disappointments and so they avoid planning and expecting anything. 

Check this out...

WHAT are you expecting?are you expecting something or nothing at all,if you take a look u will find that u get what u expect,Let us expect Great things in 2013,and let our expectation be REALISTIC expectation (Not putting your expectation to people but to God ,and if person has to do a certain things then GOD will work through them).....Apart from everything i wish that every 1 of us will have close and personal relationship with GOD and protect the relationship at all cost...because only GOD can not be shaken so shake off all the worries,pain,tough time your going through ,sickness and diseases,unhappiness and unanswered question of life and get close to GOD (Spend time with him,run to him,read his world,have prayer time)start where you are with what u have..I BLESS YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS.!!!HaPpY nEw YeAr 2013 . 
By Agnes Lifard on 1st of January at 1425 hours

I read this and surely you will agree with me that it is something powerful.

Stop taking for granted the time you have. God has protected you, led you through because He knows that you can do something for His glory in His kingdom. 
How do you plan? Do not make God as one of the categories in your life but let Him be your everything, the center of your life!

We are all growing a year older every year, may there be significant changes in our lives. Let there be growth not only physically but also spiritually and mentally. Seek to do things at higher levels.

If you trust in God you will surely have a positive attitude, put that smile on your face and be sure that God has so much for you because He says in Jeremiah 29:11 that He knows the plans He has for you. And since His ways are not our ways, seek to walk on God's ways because there is where you will find His plans and the true purpose He has for your life!


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