Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stop Holding Back and Move On!!!

This is special for you who at any point in life you think that you did something bad and wish to forgive yourself and move on in life. And most of all, you desire to make it right with God. We all make mistakes in life, what's important is what you do after that!
Imagine you are walking along a dusty road and you fall down, what will you keep on staying there on the ground? Absolutely not! If it were me, I could find a way to get the strength to get myself up on my feet, clean up and proceed with my journey. People may lough, others may pity me, anybody could do anything but however people are going to act about the situation, I choose not to be affected by all that. The best decision is to get up, put yourself together and continue with the journey.
Similar situations happen in our day to day life. The problem is, there are others who are still on the ground where they fell down sometimes back. They have been there for some days, weeks, months and even years! This could be due different reasons but trust me, no reason is worth keeping you down. You have every reason to get up and move on as there is so much more for you to do and nothing should be holding you back. 
Perhaps you have messed up with your spiritual life and the devil keeps on reminding you of what you have done. And even when you try to get back on the line, people lough at you and tell you that you will not make it ever again. They may mock you and say everything they feel like saying jut to let you down, you should not be discouraged by all that. You know what, if you read from the book of Nehemiah you will find that after Nehemiah discovered what happened in Jerusalem, he decided to take some actions. The wall was broken and the gates were burned with fire. He went back to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall. Just like in the present days, people were there to mock and ridicule Nehemiah and his fellows but I love what Nehemiah told them, ..."The God of heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding..." (Nehemiah 2:20). 
There is no point for you to be discouraged or punish yourself for whatever you did. You have to get up and rebuild every broken wall in your life and God will give you success. We have the blood of Jesus that was shed for us. You do not have to carry the burdens, just cast them to Jesus and He will set you free from every bondage.
God wants to use you for his glory so do not keep on hiding under the shadow of your sins, there is a better path for you. God can redeem you and restore your life!
God bless you so much!

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